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What Your ERP Implementation Can Learn from the Dog Days of Summer

Posted by Katie Foley on Aug 5, 2016 2:30:00 PM

Here in the Northeast we are entering those “dog days of summer”- those hot, humid days that roll around in late July and August. For many those dog days mean quieter periods at work and the perfect chance to sneak away on a summer vacation.

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Selecting an ERP System: Cloud Based ERP v. On-Premise?

Posted by Katie Foley on Apr 21, 2016 2:53:46 PM

This decision is dependent on the company’s budget, capabilities, and preferences. Cloud based erp allows the ERP system to be hosted on the vendor’s servers. On-Premise requires that you own and maintain servers onsite to host the software.


Currently, there are three options for how you own and deploy your solution: two cloud based options, Hosted and Managed Cloud (SaaS), as well as On-Premise.
  1. Managed Cloud. Managed Cloud is for customers that want to take advantage of on a subscription basis. The deployment runs in Visibility’s secure, robust cloud-based data center. Managed services and support are included in the subscription.
  2. Hosted. Hosted is for manufacturers that want to own their license but take advantage of a hosted cloud deployment. Customers purchase a perpetual license of and those licenses are then hosted by Visibility.
  3. On-Premise. Premise is for customers that want to run software in their own data center – either directly on servers or in a private cloud. Manufacturers purchase a perpetual license and annual support contract.

So what's the right choice for your manufacturing operation? Here are some of the pros of choosing a cloud based solution versus an on-premise solution.

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Making Performance Tuning More of a Science Than an Art

Posted by Jack Saint on Sep 11, 2015 1:50:54 PM

As applications are deployed to the cloud or even across complex intranets, the task of performance tuning often seems like more and more of an art form.  But if the process of tuning is done methodically, you can treated more as science and find and solve most any performance problem that can occur.

First, identify some benchmark problematic transactions. These are repeatable transactions that can be timed with a stopwatch and are performing consistently slower than they should. Then compare these timings to what is expected of the application in an ideal setup.  Software companies like ours, have ideal set ups which mimic customers in terms of size of data and load that are optimized. Your timings should be as good as the software company’s ideal setup.

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Manufacturing ERP Implementations: A Seven Step Project Primer

Posted by Scott Cranford on Jul 23, 2015 9:03:04 AM

When companies evaluate ERP software, there is typically a focus on fit and functionality. But what about the ability to deliver on the implementation services? For the “to order” ERP user, they might not have the experience nor the background in managing the critical steps between ERP purchase and cutover. So what follows is a bit of a roadmap and primer on successfully negotiating the ERP implementation experience.


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